Ceramitec "round table"

16.10.2014 – Höhr-Grenzhausen.


At the invitation of Messe München, the trade fair organizer, and the trade journal cfi – ceramic forum international, in October experts from the refractories industry met at the ECREF European Centre for Refractories in Höhr-Grenzhausen. From the discussion it clearly emerged that refractories constitute an indispensable component in a wide range of industries: iron and steel, cement and lime, glass, ceramics, chemicals, oil, energy and waste disposal. The share of the EU in the global market is 10 %, of which 40 % of the products are positioned on the global market (outside EU-28).

The Round Table participants were as follows:

From left.: Prof. Dr. P. Quirmbach (ECREF), O. Koegel (Europe Commerce), C. Dauvé (Calderys), Prof. Dr. H. Jansen (Refratechnik Steel), U. Frohneberg (Steuler-KCH), N. Tanasic (Mineralmahlwerke Westerwald Horn), K. Scharrer (cfi), G. Gerritzen (Messe München), S. Sinnema (Tata Steel), C. Wöhrmeyer (Kerneos), H. Schmitt (LAEIS), M. Lintl (Messe München), C. Zepter (cfi), Dr. J. Seitz (Messe München), A. Volckaert (PRE), A. Cordioli (Messe München), L. Willumeit (Messe München)


You can find a video of the "round table" here.


You can find further information here:

  • cfi – ceramic forum international, Vol. 92, 2015, Issue 1-2, p. E14
  • refractories worldforum Vol. 7, 2015, Issue 1, p. 22-30