Very successful reissue of the seminar “Refractories - Key Technology and its Applications”


The declared goal of the ECREF seminar entitled "REFRACTORIES - Key Technology and its Applications" is to offer a platform of information about economic fundamentals and the possible use of refractory raw materials, products and system solutions, which provides profound and long-lasting understanding of the required interactions of the aforementioned principles. In order to meet this demand, the ECREF has already been the organizer of this seminar for several years, rising to the challenge of providing relevant and current information on technology, production and sale of refractories to all professionals involved in this business and science sector.

The knowledge of the different aspects of refractory products is very complex and constantly subject to new global influences. For this reason, only proven experts who deal with these issues regularly can meet the demand for the best practices available. This important quality criterion is ensured by the selection of 13 internationally well-known lecturers in their specialist disciplines of refractories technology, leading to the fact that this seminar is recognized as a further training event in accordance with the legislation of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, on the granting of leave for educational/training purposes (§ 7 BFG).

Between 13 and 15 September 2016 the aforementioned seminar offered 37 participants from companies within the raw material industry, refractory manufacturers and steel producers, a blend of partially principles-based, and preferably practical-application-oriented lectures.  These dealt comprehensively with the diversity of refractory applications in different production technologies. In addition to the neutral transfer of knowledge in lectures, the participants were given many opportunities to discuss their own questions and application scenarios with the lecturers, who were present during the seminar program and in the course of the evening events. These dialogues evidently increase the wealth of information, and this is why industry employees are pleased to attend this seminar, offering them the opportunity to establish their individual networks with other colleagues. An analysis carried out to evaluate the participants’ satisfaction with this seminar gave proof of all previously mentioned positive concomitant effects, and bears witness to the excellent quality of the different seminar types organized at the ECREF.

In 2017, this seminar entitled "REFRACTORIES - Key technology and its Applications" will be held for the third time in cooperation with the PRE, the European umbrella organization of the refractory manufacturers, Brussels. As in previous years, a large number of interested professionals from all relevant European refractory producers will participate in this event.