Seminar on Refractories – Excellent cooperation between PRE and ECREF


From 8 to 10 September 2015, the international European Seminar on Refractories, entitled 'REFRACTORIES - Key Technology and its Applications', was held at the ECREF in Hoehr-Grenzhausen for the second time. During the three days, 25 participants from 7 countries were given a concise introduction to the basics of refractory raw materials, products and system solutions, through numerous industry- and application-related examples. 14 internationally renowned experts from universities, research institutions and industry, presented their specialist knowledge in a clear and precise manner.  In this way, the specific and varied requirements of modern refractory products and technology were emphasised to participants, using a range of factual applications from current practice.

Consequently, the optimal strategy for the transfer of knowledge proved to be the distinctive form of discussions between the speakers and participants. These discussions revealed the actual needs of those attending through dialogue, and also purposeful questions, which were answered by the speakers. Participation in the respective meals and the evening events also offered an excellent opportunity to all delegates, to establish personal contacts and hence further strengthen the European Refractories network.

A special event and experience for the delegates is to visit the Westerwald Ceramic Museum and enjoy the exclusive tour through the facility, guided by its director, Mrs. Monika Gass.  Visitors were ably informed on the history of the museum and its current European significance, as well as on present exhibitions and artist portraits. This particular event created many a lasting impression among the participants with regard to the variety of artistic forms of expression, and to the fundamental importance of art for ceramics and through ceramics.

In summary, the two organizers, PRE and ECREF, learned with great interest that the delegates were extremely satisfied and expressed that satisfaction during the final résumé, with regard to the organization and content of the seminar. They would participate in this event again at any time, and would highly recommend it to colleagues in their own organisations, as well as other interested persons. This is an incentive and obligation to the responsible organizers to continue developing this event, since it is unique in Europe, and to make it better known beyond European boundaries.