Groundbreaking ceremony for the ECREF New Building in Höhr-Grenzhausen


With the groundbreaking ceremony for the newbuild of the European Institute for Refractory Ceramics (ECREF) and the extension of the Research Institute for Inorganic Materials Glass/Ceramics (FGK) in Höhr-Grenzhausen, a forward-looking building project is now becoming reality. These two Institutes form together with the University for Ceramics and the CeraTechCenter a Europe-wide unique ceramics campus, providing concentrated ceramic expertise in a very small space.

As an important part of the Metals-Ceramics-Plastics Innovation Cluster, Ecref is a significant building component in the further development of the business and research region in the Northern Rhineland Palatinate. Goal is the networking of the innovation potential and the bundling of knowledge and competences from universities, universities of applied sciences, locally based research institutes as well the companies of the region to develop innovative products and processes and make these ready for market so as to preserve and create future-viable jobs.


You can find further information here:

  • Westerwälder-Zeitung, 26.11.2010, p. 17